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About SciGen Ltd

SciGen is a high growth biopharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets recombinant human health care biotechnology derived products. SciGen's focus is in the areas of endocrinology, gastroenterology and immunology. The company’s portfolio consists of biosimilar products such as rhuman growth hormone, rhuman insulin and rhuman GCSF. All of SciGen’s products have undergone substantial clinical development.

SciGen’s strategy is to focus on biosimilars (follow-on proteins) in order to minimize the risk of early stage product development. SciGen also collaborates with strategic partners and institutions in order to continuously fill & improve its pipeline.

SciGen also in-licenses and distributes pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

For in-licensing, visit http://www.bioton.pl/en/about/article/show/116

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Board of Directors

  • Ashley Morris
    Chief Executive Officer & Director

    Mr. Morris has a B.A. Hons. in Politics & Economics from Nottingham University. From...

  • Adam Polonek
    Chief Financial Officer, Director & Corporate Secretary

    Mr. Adam Polonek is a graduate of the Economic Faculty at Academy of Economics...

  • Dr. Marek Dziki
    Chairman & Non-Executive Director

    Dr. Marek Dziki, is a medical doctor with a PhD from the University in...

  • Kenneth Gross
    Non-Executive Director

    Mr. Kenneth Gross co-founded Goldmark Plastic Compounds in 1957. The Company has since become...

  • Marcin Dukaczewski
    Non-Executive Director

    Mr. Marcin Dukaczewski specialized in International Political and Economical Relations at the Warsaw University....

  • Mateusz Kosecki
    Non-Executive Director

    Mr. Mateusz Kosecki is a graduate of the Executive MBA Program of European University,...

  • Vaidyanathan Viswanath
    Non-Executive Director

    Mr. Viswanath is a post-graduate in Pharmacology with over 30 years’ experience in sales,...

  • Dr. Ju bo Liu
    Non-Executive Director

    Dr. Ju bo Liu is the President of the Managing Board of Bioton SA....